For sale
V4 Race performance parts

Race performance parts
My next challenge is to design and make my own engine. Sand casting crankcases will require some savings to buy the necessary kit for the job. So up for sale are some of the rare excotic race parts I have used over the years. Keep an eye out in the coming future for more special parts up for sale.

Tony Scott RC45 52mm stroke crankshaft - £2300

I am led to believe this is the one remaining long stroke RC45 crankshaft; designed by Tony Scott and manufactured by Honda on his behalf. Used by Milky Quale in the isle of man TT and most recently used by myself between 2017-2018. It has now been put up for sale to fund the manufacture of shorter stroke; higher revving engine.
I have owned this crankshaft for approximately 7 years, I owned and later sold the orignal Tony Scott engine it came from. What you get is the 52mm stroke crankshaft complete with Carrillo rods and bearing shells. The rods have completed approximately 100 miles of racing from new along with 4 hours of dyno tuning. They were custom made to my design by CP-Carrillo in America for £2000 and are suitable to take both standard and HRC RC45 pistons. The crankshaft is dynamically balanced with lead inserts into the counterweights to suit these rods and HRC pistons. Naturally, it is always advised to check your deck height to ensure safe clearances.

HRC kit cylinder heads complete - SOLD

These are a pair of kit cylinder heads used by Honda racing team. The valve springs, camshafts and spring washers are all HRC kit specification. The valve springs all measure within 0.1mm of new free length showing excellent condition. The cam sprockets are adjustable and I have set them back to the standard HRC kit specification:
inlet opens 23 btdc
closes 52 abdc
exhaust opens 50 bbdc
closes 20 atdc
(measured at 1mm lift)
The specification of the lift:
Exhaust: 8.5mm
Inlet: 9.5mm
I do have a good set of factory flat faced race valves as an optional extra for £250 to fit these heads. Be advised that you should check your piston to valve clearance on assembly to ensure adequate clearance for your application as the inlet in particular has higher lift than standard.
The cam sprockets are interchangable between front and rear cams and allow material to be skimmed off the cylinder head to reduce gear backlash and raise compression. This is achieved due to the cam sprockets being marginally undersize. The amount they are undersize is stamped on each sprocket (0.5mm and 0.6mm options). The sprockets are interchangable between inlet and exhaust aswell as between front and rear cylinder heads.

VFR800 Exhaust - £1500

Here for sale is a 4-2 lobster section exhaust system to suit a vfr800. The system is designed to work with cylinders firing on 450 degree separation so that the scavenging effect pulls exhaust gases from the linked cylinders to best aid mid range gas flow. The primary and secondary pipe sizes used are a larger diameter than standard and work best with throttle bodies between 43-45mm bore size and high lift cam's with medium to long duration.
The primary lengths are intentionally uneven in length to give a broader torque range. See the attached dyno file to show the power produced using this exhaust system. Note that in order to benefit from this system, larger throttle bodies, high lift camshaft with longer duration and ported cylinder heads are required, as well as refined fuelling and igntion adjustment. The dyno chart attached was from a tuned engine with all of these along with 43mm throttle bodies in an 838cc engine. This system was made using 0.9mm thick stainless steel.
Titanium silencers can be made to order separately and weigh just 0.5kg each. The exhaust system was used exclusively on a race bike and as such the rearward mounting bracket will not directly fit to a road subframe unit. Assume you will need to fabricate an additional bracket to support the rear of the exhaust system.

Cushless Drive carrier and hub- £390

The cushless drive hub consists of a solid milled 7075 aluminium sprocket carrier complete with modified standard hub and 525 pitch AFAM sprocket. The internal spline was manufactured seperately and pressed to a double lip shoulder under an sweated interference fit of 0.1mm and pinned equidistant in 4 opposing positions.
The carrier has completed a total of 4 hours of dyno testing and approximately 100 miles of racing in the isle of man. I have now moved onto to a larger diameter hub and carrier.
This assembly will fit directly into a road or race bike VFR800 or RC45 with no further modifications. The difference in feel is remarkable; it gives the rider a better connection to the road and reduces the vague feeling of power delivery under acceleration.
The standard hub has been screw cut between centres to extend the threaded section as to reduce the overall width of the assembly.

Race silencers - £450 each

PARKES exhausts cans with optional db killer inserts. Extensively fabricated from 0.9mm grade 2 titanium. Cans are avaliable in different lengths and mounting options. All cans are fabricated and fusion welded by hand so please be aware there is a 4 week lead time for every can made.